Homepage ADFOCS 2007 8th Max-Planck Advanced Course on the Foundations of Computer Science
September 3 - September 7, 2007
Saarbrücken, Germany
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The participants are responsible for their room reservations. In Saarbrücken per-night prices including taxes and breakfast typically range from EURO 20 (youth hostel, double room) to about EUR 60 (hotel, single room).

Here is a list of hotels as provided by the Kongress und Touristik GmbH, Saarbrücken.

We have reserved a certain number of rooms in Hotel Gästehaus Weller and Hotel Madeleine. When booking a room at one of these hotels, please refer to ADFOCS since we have negotiated special rates for you. There is also the possibility to reserve a room at the youth hostel in Saarbrücken (for online booking in english, you can also use this).

Note: In same week that ADFOCS 2007 takes place, a series of events have been scheduled by the University of Saarland. Therefore, it is strongly advisable that you make your room reservation well ahead in time.

ADFOCS 2007 organized by Ernst Althaus, Joachim Giesen & Evangelia Pyrga. WWW page last updated on Tuesday, 24 April 2007.