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Entry screen: on the left, the menu, and on the right, the "cheat star" (see "instructions" for an explanation of this)
Level 1: The orbital station
Level 4: The mountains

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There are four levels: the orbital station, the suburbs, the city and the mountains. If you pass those levels, you get the clue word, otherwise....
You have to shoot or avoid the obstacles for your ship not to explode and for increasing your score.

There are cheat codes available: you can get them when shooting the "random cheat" bonus or after making a good score; then, click the colored areas of the star in the right order for activating it.
Hint: there is one hidden on that page, highlight the text to find it.
Green-Green-Green : Start at 500 points (usable only once)
You move your ship using your keyboard's arrows (diagonal arrows of the numeric pad also work). You shoot using the Enter key.

More infos are available in the "Instructions" section of the game.

PS: Cortona users better close other applications running in the background and turn off antialiasing or the game may be slow.

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