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Research Positions in Computational Biology

We are looking for new people to meet new challenges,
at the levels of Ph.D. student, Postdoc, Staff Scientist and/or Group Leader

Are you ready to make your mark in computational biology?

To develop
novel methods for highly relevant problems?

To make
a difference not only in the world of science but also in patient care and well-being?

To contribute
enthusiasm and vision to an invigorating open-minded interdisciplinary environment without strict hierarchies?

To join
Max Planck Society, Germany’s most prestigious research branch?

We are:

Formative in computational biology, nationally and internationally – for over 15 years

Researching exciting projects in a wide spectrum of fields of computational biology including computational epigenomics, structural bioinformatics, host-virus interaction networks, viral evolution and predicting effectiveness of drug therapies for viral infections

Developing leading-edge software, tools, and data collections used both in research and as standard of care in medical treatment

Partners of Saarland University –with one of the most productive computational biology centers and one of the strongest computer science departments in Europe

Participating in the German Excellence Initiative for Science

Collaborating nationally and internationally with leading specialists in biology and medicine

Empowering your ideas with our cutting-edge IT infrastructure and support for scientific development

Located in the center of Europe in a cross-national setting at the border of Germany and France, only two hours from Frankfurt and Paris

Let us find out whether we are a match!

Please contact
Prof. Thomas Lengauer
Max Planck Institute for Informatics
Campus E1 4
66123 Saarbrücken

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