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Structural Bioinformatics (WS 2004/2005)


Teachers: Francisco Domingues, Ingolf Sommer

Tutor: Hongbo Zhu

Language: English

Time and location:

Course: Tuesday, 11:15-13 h, Building 45, Room R 016.
Starting Tuesday, October 19, 2004.
Last lecture Tuesday, February 15, 2005.
Tutorials: The lecture will be complemented by a programming-project. Please sign up for the programming project until October 27. In order to do so send a mail to Hongbo Zhu with subject "STR04: signup" and your name and matrikel number in the mail body.
Office hours:
Francisco Domingues: Tuesday, 14h - 15h, Building 46 (MPII), Room 526.
Ingolf Sommer: Tuesday, 14h - 15h, Building 46 (MPII), Room 506.
Hongbo Zhu: Tuesday, 14h - 15h, Building 46 (MPII), Room 517.


The course is targeted towards bioinformatics students, who have succesfully completed 'Computational Biology / Bioinformatics II' given by Thomas Lengauer.

Requirements for the course certificate:

There will be one project along with the course during the whole semester. The project will consist of reading, programming, writing a brief report, and giving a short presentation. Participating successfully in the project is a necessary requirement for taking the oral exam. The final grade will be 25% semester-project and 75% oral exam. The course is within the curriculum bioinformatics as an optional course ("Spezialvorlesung") with 5 credit points ("Leistungspunkten").


The course provides three perspectives on protein structure and function: principles of protein science, computational techniques, and applications. Topics covered include structure determination, geometric techniques for handling and comparing structures, structure prediction applications, biochemistry and prediction of protein function.


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