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Teaching Summer Semester 2002

Computer Graphics in the Movies


Images courtesy of Columbia Pictures/Square Pictures, Disney/Pixar, PDI/Dreamworks, Warner Bros.

This "Computer Graphics in the Movies" seminar is designed as an extension of the basic Computer Graphics course. The seminar focuses on advanced rendering and animation techniques that are used for special effects production in the movie industry. Within the seminar scope, samples of landmark movies such as "Terminator 2", "Toy Story", "Antz", "Matrix", "Shrek", "Final Fantasy", and others will be shown and computer graphics techniques behind the special effects in those movies will be discussed.

Topics covered
  • image and video compositing
  • advanced rendering techniques (environment mapping, bump mapping, ...)
  • image-based techniques
  • character and facial animation
  • modeling techniques
  • morphing
  • natural phenomena (fire, clouds, dust, ...)

Obtained abilities
The target of the seminar is it to provide an overview of the computer graphics tools and techniques that are used during the production of full feature movies.

Date / Location
  • Thursday 14-16
  • MPI (building 46.1), room 019

List of Talks
date topic speaker
18.4.02 From the Storybook to the Screen Mohamad Ali Assoudeh
25.4.02 Compositing and Layers Simon Hoffmann
2.5.02 Modeling with NURBS and Subdivision Surfaces Thomas Neumann
16.5.02 Morphing Fabian Rektenwald
23.5.02 Character Animation Sascha Parduhn + Steffen Wiegratz
6.6.02 Facial Animation and Modeling Chen Aiping + Alfonzo Baumgartner
13.6.02 Natural Phenomena Ronald Casper
20.6.02 Image-based Rendering Patrick Dreker
27.6.02 movie day -
4.7.02 Crowd Scenes Patrick Dreker
11.7.02 Environment and Bump Mapping Laetitia Monecker

Haber, J., Kähler, K.

Lecture "Computer Graphics" is useful, though not required.

Possible followups
FoPra / Diploma thesis in computer graphics.

Literature on the specific topics will be distributed during the assignment of the talks. Some general purpose textbooks that cover several aspects of the seminar are:
  • R. Parent: Computer Animation - Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann, 2002.
  • A. H. Watt, M. Watt: Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques - Theory and Practice, Addison-Wesley, 1993.
  • J. D. Foley, A. van Dam, S. K. Feiner, J. F. Hughes: Computer Graphics - Principles and Practice, Addison-Wesley, 1995.

  • First meeting on Thursday, April 11, at 14:00 in room 019 (MPI).
  • Talks may be given in English or German.
  • Students who would like to present one of the first talks in the seminar please contact in advance.