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Paper Assignments:

Paper assignments will be handed out every week, starting April 29th. We strongly recommended to work on them to keep in pace with the material presented in the lecture and prepare for the oral examination. However, we are not going to revise your solutions. In order to get the certificate, you must present one of your solutions in the tutoring group. Bonus points can be obtained for each further presentation.

Presentations have to be correct and convincing, so you should be able to explain your solution in front of the class. You cannot get more than one bonus point on the same day to ensure an appropriate bandwidth in theory for bonus points (of course you may present more than one solution on the same day, but you will only get one point).

Practical Assignments:

There will be several practical assignments, some of which are marked as mandatory, i.e., you have to present your solution for these assignments to get the certificate. Presentation of your solutions will be possible during the usual tutoring group; the dates for the presentations will be announced. You are allowed to solve the practical assignments in groups of up to two students (this groups should stay stable throughout the semester). You can obtain up to two bonus points  for outstanding solutions of a practical assignment.

Writing a Script:

You can get three additional bonus points for writing a script for one of the lectures (this may be done in groups of two students), but only once throughout the semester - if you want to write a script for a lecture, send an email.

Oral Examination:

In the oral examination at the end of the semester, you can get up to 15 points. You need at least 4 points to pass the oral examination. Bonus points are added to your overall result, but they cannot compensate the result of failing the oral examination.


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