XML Technologies


Specialized Course (systems and networks)
Summer term 2003

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schenkel
Chair for Databases and Information Systems

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   Important Announcements
   Organization of the course

Lecture: Wednesday, 11-13 in 46/024
Teaching Groups: (theoretical assignments + presentation of the practical assignments)
Monday, 16-18 in 36.1/306, tutor is Jens Graupmann first meeting on May 5th
Friday, 14-16, in 36.1/306, tutor is Ralf Schenkel, first meeting on May 9th
Coordinator for the practical assignments is Martin Theobald (handout of the first practical assignment on May 14th)
Office hour Dr. Ralf Schenkel: by arrangement in 36/320 (appointments via e-mail)

Students planning to attend the course should have some basic knowledge about information systems in general (successful participation in one of the courses Information Systems, Database Systems or Information Retrieval will be fine) and should be able to write simple programs in Java.  

   Contents of the Course

The Extended Markup Language XML is commonly used as an universal format for data storage and data exchange in many application domains. The first part of the course covers the basic concepts of XML and gives an application-oriented introduction to related technologies like XSLT, XPath and XQuery. The second part focuses on implementation aspects like XML storage and efficient query evaluation. The assignments are currently planned to consist of both paper assignments that cover theoretical aspects as well as practical exercises.

Planned Outline of the Course

   Lecture Slides and Scripts
  • You can download the slides used for the lecture here.
  • The scripts contributed by the participants (as well as the schedule for writing one) can be found here.
   Requirements to get the Certificate

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