Oberseminar WS 03/04


Winter Semester 2003/04

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Weikum

Information Systems and Databases Group



Thu, November 13:

  • Cholnapa Anakul
    • Information Extraction and Automatic Annotation of Newsgroup Articles, Diploma Thesis
    • Slides


  • Michael König
    • Advanced Authority Ranking for BINGO! Crawl Results, Fopra
    • Slides


Thu, November 20:
  • Julia Baumbach
    • Iterative Clustering Strategies, Diploma Thesis


  • Natalie Weibert
    • Construction and Maintenance of Ontologies with Quantified Relationships of Concepts, Bachelor Thesis
    • Slides


Thu, December 11:
  • Vladimir Eske
    • Profile Management for Personalized Web, Intranet, and Portal Search, Master Thesis
    • Slides


  • Tim Bautz
    • Mobile Access Server, Diploma Thesis
    • Slides


Fri, December 19:
  • Michael Biwer, Patrick Zimmer, Christian Zimmer
    • COMPASS, Diploma Thesis
    • Slides Presentation: (PPT,PDF)
    • Slides Demo Queries: (PPT,PDF)


  • Jun Cai
    • Boostrapping Ontologies from HTML pages, Master Thesis

Thu, January 15:
  • Sven Herzog, Volker Schuberth
    • BINGO! and Daffodil: Personalized Web Recommendations for Digital Libraries, Fopra
    • Slides


  • Xueqiang Wang
    • Recognition, classification and integration of "Deep Web" information sources into focused crawling of the BINGO! search engine, Master Thesis
    • Slides

Thu, January 22:
  • Mahboob Alam Khalid
    •  Implementation and Evaluation of a Path Indexing Framework for Large Collections of XML Documents, Master Thesis

Thu, January 29:
  • Miriam Gerstacker
    • HMM Extension for HTML to XML Transformation, Diploma Thesis


  • Julia Luxenburger
    •  Query-log-based Link Analysis, Diploma Thesis

Thu, February 12:
  • Ralitsa Angelova
    •  Neighborhood-conscious Classification, Master Thesis
  • Josiane Parreira
    •  Study of LSI Variants, Master Thesis


   Additional Talks
Tue, December 2: Weekly meeting of the AG5
  • Martin Theobald
    • TREC 2003 Conference Report
    • Slides