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Seminar "The Future of Web Search" - Presenter/Opponent Assignments WS 2007/2008

Seminar "The Future of Web Search" - Presenter/Opponent Topic Assignments WS 2007/08

  1. For each registrant, we have listed below the topics that he/she presents (marked with "P") and the topics for which he/she plays the role of opponent (marked with "O").
  2. Topics with an X under them are already assigned. So, please choose from the free topics only.

Music Retrieval Local & Geographic Search Transactional Queries Expert Search Advertisements Web-spam Social Search Query Classification Distributed Retr. Efficiency Non-traditional uses of SE
Reg. Order Name X X X   X X X X X X X
1 Avishek Anand P         O          
2 Ulya Akk               P   O  
3 Ekaterina Biehl         P     O      
4 Levan Kasradze         O         P  
5 Vitaly Friedman O           P        
6 Frederik Siekmann      
     O   P    
7 Sadia Masood     O     P          
8 Kurnia Hendrawan (dropped out)      
9 Yulya Patenko   O                 P
10 Reznichenko Alexey     P           O    
11 Daniel Lorig   P                 O