152007 'Ahab' 'lost his leg at' 'Moby Dick' '[Ahab lost his leg to Moby Dick.]' '1'
152013 'Chris' 'accompanies' 'Alice' '[Chris: Chris accompanies Alice on her journey to San Francisco, and the two girls go on and off drugs together.]' '1'
152018 'Frony' 'is daughter of' 'Dilsey' '[Frony: Dilsey's daughter.]' '1'
152024 'Elma' 'is the wife of' 'Sam Parkhill' '[Elma: Elma is the wife of Sam Parkhill.]' '1'
152030 'Alicia' 'is friend of' 'Esperanza' '[Alicia: Esperanza's friend who attends a local university.]' '1'
152031 'Fang' 'is large but friendly dog of' 'Hagrid' '[Fang: Hagrid's large but friendly dog.]' '1'
152032 'Papa' 'is father of' 'Esperanza' '[Papa: Esperanza's father.]' '1'
152033 'Christine' 'be daughter of' 'Lecon' '[Christine: Clara and Lecon's daughter., Lecon: Ida's father, who has an affair with Clara that results in the birth of Christine.]' '2'
152045 'Cathy' 'is first friend of' 'Esperanza' '[Cathy: Esperanza's first friend in the neighborhood., Cathy's family moves out the week after Esperanza's family moves in.]' '2'
152048 'Fatima' 'is daughter of' 'Sharma' '[Sharma lives in the desert with her daughter, Fatima., Fatima: Sharma's daughter Fatima lives with her in the desert.]' '2'
152055 'Hindley Earnshaw' 'is brother of' 'Catherine' '[Hindley Earnshaw: Catherine's brother, and Mr. Green Earnshaw's son.]' '1'
152058 'Florence' 'is daughter of' 'Aunt Carrol' '[Florence: Aunt Carrol's daughter.]' '1'
152065 'Aaron Winthrop' 'be eventual husband of' 'Eppie' '[Aaron Winthrop: Dolly Winthrop's son and Eppie's eventual husband.]' '1'
152066 'Anne Stanton' 'be sister of' 'Adam Stanton' '[Anne Stanton: Jack Burden's first love, Adam Stanton's sister, and, for a time, Willie Stark's mistress.]' '1'
152070 'Sethe' 'be the protagonist of' 'Beloved' '[Sethe: Sethe, the protagonist of Beloved, is a proud and independent woman who is extremely devoted to her children.]' '1'
152076 'Bubber Kelly' 'is younger brother of' 'Mick Kelly' '[Bubber Kelly: Mick Kelly's younger brother and her favorite in the family.]' '1'