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Anchor text: Vosges
Target Entity: Vosges
Preceding Context: Maximian believed the Burgundian and Alemanni tribes of the Moselle-
Succeeding Context: region to be the greatest threat, so he targeted them first. He campaigned using scorched earth tactics, laying waste to their land and reducing their numbers through famine and disease. After the Burgundians and Alemanni, Maximian moved against the weaker Heruli and Chaibones. He cornered and defeated them in a single battle. He fought in person, riding along the battle line until the Germanic forces broke. Roman forces pursued the fleeing tribal armies and routed them. With his enemies weakened from starvation, Maximian launched a great invasion across the Rhine. He moved deep into Germanic territory, bringing destruction to his enemies' homelands, and demonstrating the superiority of Roman arms. By the winter of 287, he had the advantage and the Rhenish lands were free of Germanic tribesmen. Maximian's panegyrist declared: "All that I see beyond the Rhine is Roman."
Paragraph Title: Campaigns in 286 and 287
Source Page: Maximian

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