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Anchor text: acoustic drum kit
Target Entity: Drum_kit
Preceding Context: Many music groups and musicians have taken drum and bass to live performances, which features an
Succeeding Context: , synthesizers, bass (upright or electric), and other instruments. Samplers have also been taken live by playing samples on drum pads or synthesizers, assigning samples to a specific drum pad or key. MCs are frequently featured in live performances. Some acts such as Fragment use a lineup of a guitarist, bassist, at least one keyboardist, and an acoustic drummer, even if none of these instruments are present in the actual song, simply to give it a "thicker live sound". DJ FU and the Jungle Drummer also feature predominantly in modern day live dnb. Their show features them battling live on stage in a DJ v drummer scenario with Jungle Drummer drumming at speeds up to 180 bpm. Other acts to take note of on the live drum and bass scene include Shapeshifter, Pendulum, La Phaze and Chase & Status, who perform their tracks live. The DnB scene is still thriving in many urban areas, with a particularly strong showing in LA among such dedicated clubs as The Dragonfly. This has given both of these bands a way to access the mainstream, giving drum and bass a more commercial edge. Some bands have even taken the term somewhat literally, such as Lightning Bolt, White Mice, Comparative Anatomy (band) and Death From Above 1979.
Paragraph Title: Live drum and bass
Source Page: Drum and bass

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