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Preceding Context: Others who were influenced by Norman include American CCM musician Steve Camp, who co-wrote "If I Were a Singer" with Norman, which appeared on Camp's 1978 debut album, Sayin' It with Love, who describes Norman as his mentor, and with whom he lived for several months learning the craft of songwriting; Canadian CCM musician Carolyn Arends. Songwriter Bob Hartman, credits Norman and his 1972 song "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?" in his establishing
Succeeding Context: ; Peter Banks of British progressive rock/New Wave band After the Fire traces his involvement in "the mainstream music business" to Norman and his album, Only Visiting This Planet. Others who acknowledge Norman's influence on their career or music include American drummer Hilly Michaels, who recorded with Norman and Randy Stonehill in 1970; Grammy Award-winning recording artist and rapper TobyMac, who described Norman as "socially relevant, spiritually significant and passionate about challenging his generation to new heights of love", considered Norman his "greatest lyrical influence"; Mark Salomon, the lead singer of Christian metal band Stavesacre and thrash metal band The Crucified, who reveals that it was Norman's concert performance that connected him to Christian music; and Welsh singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph.
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