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Preceding Context: The creative rush that followed Norman's healing was expressed on Stranded in Babylon which saw him collaborate with his younger brother Charles "Charly" Norman. After four months in the recording studio in Sweden, and overdubbing in Norway by the Albino Brothers (Norman and his brother, Charly), in 1991 Norman released through Spark Music the European version of Stranded in Babylon, an album which was recorded in Sweden in 1988. Hailed by both critics and fans as one of his best albums, it was praised as "a superb new album which sees a return to the form he showed to full effect on those classics like 'Only Visiting This Planet' and 'So Long Ago the Garden' back in the mid seventies" with 13 new "songs [that] are cleverly arranged and produced, with plenty of pertinent lyrical imagery and the sly wit of yore amongst the electric guitar solos and breezy (sampled?) saxophones" by Norman and his brother, Charly, who share all of the musical duties. Stranded in Babylon was named Album of the Year by Christian rock journals. Stranded in Babylon was conceived as the second album in a projected Second Trilogy that was planned to include (in order) a still unreleased Behind the Curtain, and the previously released Home at Last. Included on this album is "God Part III", which draws on John Lennon's "God" and the
Succeeding Context: riposte ("God II"); "Come Away", written about his 1973 meeting on the streets of Shepherd's Bush with prostitute Holly Valentine, who later became a Christian; and the autobiographical "Under The Eye", "which tells how Larry has, despite the last decade, always been watched and cared for". "Under the Eye" references "all the trouble and strife/And the things which went wrong and lasted so long", and
Paragraph Title: Stranded in Babylon (1991)
Source Page: Larry Norman

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