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Anchor text: The Oppressed
Target Entity: The_Oppressed
Preceding Context: The Cardiff music scene is established and wide-ranging—it is home to the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Welsh National Opera, has produced several leading acts itself and, as a capital city, has acted as a springboard for numerous Welsh bands to go and become famous both nationally and internationally. Acts who hail from Cardiff include Charlotte Church, Shirley Bassey, Iwan Rheon,
Succeeding Context: , Kids In Glass Houses, Los Campesinos, The Hot Puppies, The School (UK), We're No Heroes, Pagan Wanderer Lu, Budgie, and Shakin' Stevens. Also, performers such as The Automatic, Manic Street Preachers, Lostprophets, Super Furry Animals, Catatonia and Bullet for My Valentine have links with the city and are associated with the Cardiff music scene. In 2010, Cardiff was named the UK's second 'most musical' City by PRS for Music.
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Source Page: Cardiff

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wordnet_event_100029378-2.075870113937 0
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wordnet_person_100007846-1.1688376702243017 0
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|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
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