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Target Entity: Sicily
Preceding Context: Orion also has etiological connection to the city of Messina in Sicily. Diodorus of Sicily wrote a history of the world up to his own time (the beginning of the reign of Augustus). He starts with the gods and the heroes. At the end of this part of the work, he tells the story of Orion and two wonder-stories of his mighty earth-works in
Succeeding Context: . One tells how he aided Zanclus, the founder of Zancle (the former name for Messina), by building the promontory which forms the harbor. The other, which Diodorus ascribes to Hesiod, relates that there was once a broad sea between Sicily and the mainland. Orion built the whole Peloris, the Punta del Faro, and the temple to Poseidon at the tip, after which he settled in Euboea. He was then "numbered among the stars of heaven and thus won for himself immortal remembrance". The Renaissance historian and mathematician Francesco Maurolico, who came from Messina, identified the remains of a temple of Orion near the present Messina Cathedral. Maurolico also designed an ornate fountain, built by the sculptor Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli in 1547, in which Orion is a central figure, symbolizing the Emperor Charles V, also a master of the sea and restorer of Messina; Sheila ffoliott, Civic Sculpture in the Renaissance; Montorsoli's Fountains at Messina, UMI Research Press, 1979 ISBN 0-8357-1474-8; the date is on p. 35; for the design see chapter 3, especially pp. 93, 131; it celebrates Charles V's victory in in 1535. Orion is still a popular symbol of the city.
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Source Page: Orion (mythology)

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