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Preceding Context: As usual in the Bond novels, a number of Fleming's friends or associates had their names used in the novel; the Masterton sisters having their names taken from Sir John Masterman, an MI5 agent and Oxford academic who ran the double cross system during World War II; Alfred Whiting, the golf professional at Royal St George's Golf Club, Sandwich, becoming Alfred Blacking; whilst the Royal St George's Golf Club itself became the Royal St Mark's, for the game between Bond and Goldfinger. In the summer of 1957 Fleming had played in the Bowmaker Pro-Am golf tournament at the Berkshire Golf Club, where he partnered the
Succeeding Context: winner Peter Thomson: much of the background went into the match between Bond and Goldfinger. One of Fleming's neighbours in Jamaica, and later his lover, was Blanche Blackwell, mother of Chris Blackwell of Island Records; Fleming used Blanche as the model for Pussy Galore, although the name "Pussy" came from Mrs "Pussy" Deakin, formerly Livia Stela, an SOE agent and friend of his wife's.
Paragraph Title: Background
Source Page: Goldfinger (novel)

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