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Anchor text: Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Target Entity: Suffolk_County\u002c_Massachusetts
Preceding Context: Upon his victory in the presidential election, John vacated his seat as U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, and Ted would not be eligible to fill the vacancy until February 22, 1962, when he would turn thirty. Ted initially wanted to stay out West and do something other than run for office right away; he said, "The disadvantage of my position is being constantly compared with two brothers of such superior ability." His brothers were also not in favor of his running immediately, but Ted desired the Senate seat as an accomplishment to match his brothers', and their father overruled them. Thus, the President-elect asked Massachusetts Governor Foster Furcolo to name Kennedy family friend Ben Smith as interim Senator for John's unexpired term, which he did in December 1960. This kept the seat open for Ted. Meanwhile, Ted began work in February 1961 as an assistant district attorney for
Succeeding Context: (for which he took a nominal $1 salary), where he first developed a hard-nosed attitude towards crime. He took many overseas trips, billed as fact-finding tours with the goal of improving his foreign policy credentials. On a nine-nation Latin American trip in 1961, FBI reports from the time had Kennedy meeting with Lauchlin Currie, an alleged former Soviet spy, and with locals in each country whom the reports deemed left-wingers and Communist sympathizers. Reports from the FBI and others had Kennedy renting a brothel and opening up bordellos after hours during the tour. The Latin American trip helped formulate Kennedy's foreign policy views, and in Boston Globe columns written afterward he warned that the region might turn to Communism if the U.S. did not better reach out to it. Kennedy also began speaking to local political clubs and organizations.
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Source Page: Ted Kennedy

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|  |  |  |---wordnet_region_108630039
|  |  |  |  |---wordnet_county_108546183

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wordnet_artifact_100021939-1.41877966750191 0
wordnet_event_100029378-2.16217706709237 0
wordnet_organization_108008335-2.067363698954541 0
wordnet_person_100007846-1.477009875177329 0
yagoGeoEntity1.4623487766888248 1
wordnet_location_1000271672.531395515234647 1
wordnet_region_108630985-2.1227054515031405 0
wordnet_space_113910384-1.7981936624325359 0
wordnet_point_108620061-2.5736573204309487 0
wordnet_region_1086300391.154054963829689 1
wordnet_county_1085461831.1305516000618925 1
wordnet_extremity_108568978-1.7257245579057578 0
wordnet_line_108593262-1.697582297409298 0
wordnet_structure_104341686-2.826984542763093 0
wordnet_facility_103315023-2.163696332804548 0
wordnet_body_of_water_109225146-2.6732334832870883 0
wordnet_geological_formation_109287968-2.1184714278607193 0
wordnet_way_104564698-2.2968781339362305 0
wordnet_land_109334396-2.411441624027662 0
|  |---wordnet_artifact_100021939
|  |  |---wordnet_structure_104341686
|  |  |---wordnet_facility_103315023
|  |  |---wordnet_way_104564698
|  |---wordnet_event_100029378
|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
|  |---wordnet_person_100007846
|  |---yagoGeoEntity
|  |  |---wordnet_location_100027167
|  |  |  |---wordnet_region_108630985
|  |  |  |---wordnet_space_113910384
|  |  |  |---wordnet_point_108620061
|  |  |  |---wordnet_region_108630039
|  |  |  |  |---wordnet_county_108546183
|  |  |  |  |---wordnet_extremity_108568978
|  |  |  |---wordnet_line_108593262
|  |  |---wordnet_structure_104341686
|  |  |---wordnet_facility_103315023
|  |  |---wordnet_body_of_water_109225146
|  |  |---wordnet_geological_formation_109287968
|  |  |---wordnet_way_104564698
|  |  |---wordnet_land_109334396