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Target Entity: The_Fall_\u0028band\u0029
Preceding Context: In music, examples of Lovecraftian influence include the psychedelic rock band H. P. Lovecraft (who shortened their name to Lovecraft and then Love Craft in the 1970s) who released the H. P. Lovecraft and H. P. Lovecraft II albums in 1967 and 1968 respectively. The drum and bass artist Zardonic has an album titled "Lovecraft Machine" and a song named after the fictional monster Cthulhu. The metal band Metallica who recorded a song inspired by "The Call of Cthulhu", an instrumental entitled "The Call of Ktulu", a song based on The Shadow Over Innsmouth titled "The Thing That Should Not Be", and a song based on Frank Belknap Long's "The Hounds of Tindalos", titled "All Nightmare Long"; Black Sabbath's "Behind the Wall of Sleep", which appeared on their 1970 debut album and is based on Lovecraft's short story "Beyond the Wall of Sleep"; The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets whose entire repertoire is Lovecraft-based; The Mountain Goats song called "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" on their 2008 album Heretic Pride; black metal band Nehëmah has songs inspired by Lovecraft including "Creeping Chaos", "The Great Old Ones", "Dead But Dreaming in the Eternal Icy Waste", and "The Elder Gods Awakening" on their 2004 album Requiem Tenebrae; melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder also has produced several songs based on the Cthulhu Mythos, "Throne of Lunacy" and "Thy Horror Cosmic"; progressive metal band Dream Theater's song "The Dark Eternal Night" is based on the story "Nyarlathotep" by Lovecraft; Morbid Angel also features songs that uses the Mythos; Mark E Smith, lead singer of
Succeeding Context: , is a known fan of Lovecraft's work, and the song "Spectre Vs Rector", a ghost story, contains the lyric "Yog Sothoth rape me lord"; and UK anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni make repeated references in their song titles, lyrics and artwork, including the album Cacophony, all 30 songs of which are inspired by the life and writings of Lovecraft. In the Iron Maiden album Live After Death, the band mascot, Eddie, is rising from a grave, where can be read "H.P. Lovecraft" and a quote from the The Nameless City: "That is not dead which can eternal lie yet with strange aeons even death may die.".
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Source Page: H. P. Lovecraft

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wordnet_artifact_100021939-2.087935629306313 0
wordnet_event_100029378-4.712825409339944 0
wordnet_organization_1080083352.245238502473852 1
wordnet_nongovernmental_organization_108009834-4.660963150230158 0
wordnet_unit_108189659-4.125194086255284 0
wordnet_institution_108053576-6.687119127209812 0
wordnet_musical_organization_1082466136.792960173899015 1
wordnet_chorus_108187837-4.980750897309659 0
wordnet_dance_band_1082499600.4136037019438296 1
wordnet_rock_group_1082505013.803095782165114 1
wordnet_ensemble_108188235-2.05617819755461 0
wordnet_orchestra_108248157-4.505293323551722 0
wordnet_enterprise_108056231-4.100098991058564 0
wordnet_association_108049401-5.225487048443763 0
wordnet_polity_108050385-4.075661023181786 0
wordnet_party_108256968-4.85623323591594 0
wordnet_force_108208016-4.640597377653526 0
wordnet_company_108187033-2.726050661716631 0
wordnet_deputation_108402442-6.299451315064242 0
wordnet_union_108233056-3.453185988123712 0
wordnet_alliance_108293982-4.1671488066934055 0
wordnet_person_100007846-4.104422237231076 0
yagoGeoEntity-6.201089337799413 0
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|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
|  |  |---wordnet_nongovernmental_organization_108009834
|  |  |---wordnet_unit_108189659
|  |  |---wordnet_institution_108053576
|  |  |---wordnet_musical_organization_108246613
|  |  |  |---wordnet_chorus_108187837
|  |  |  |---wordnet_dance_band_108249960
|  |  |  |  |---wordnet_rock_group_108250501
|  |  |  |---wordnet_ensemble_108188235
|  |  |  |---wordnet_orchestra_108248157
|  |  |---wordnet_enterprise_108056231
|  |  |---wordnet_association_108049401
|  |  |---wordnet_polity_108050385
|  |  |---wordnet_party_108256968
|  |  |---wordnet_force_108208016
|  |  |---wordnet_company_108187033
|  |  |---wordnet_deputation_108402442
|  |  |---wordnet_union_108233056
|  |  |---wordnet_alliance_108293982
|  |---wordnet_person_100007846
|  |---yagoGeoEntity