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Anchor text: named after Ireland
Target Entity: Ireland_Island\u002c_Bermuda
Preceding Context: Early in its history, Bermuda had unusual connections with Ireland. It has been suggested that St. Brendan discovered it during his legendary voyage; a local psychiatric hospital (since renamed) was named after him. In 1616, an incident occurred in which five white settlers arrived in Ireland, having crossed the Atlantic (a distance of around ) in a two-ton boat. By the following year, one of Bermuda's main islands was
Succeeding Context: . By the mid-17th century, Irish prisoners-of-war and ethnically cleansed civilians were involuntarily shipped to Bermuda, condemned to slavery. This expulsion resulted from the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. The English government expelled Irish people to other parts of the trans-Atlantic Empire as well. This was meant to pacify Ireland, easing English rule, and to clear land for settlement by English soldiers. The Puritan English government officials also expressed the opinion that they were saving the souls of the Catholic Irish by settling them in Protestant territories where they would inevitably be converted to the 'true faith'. (Smaller numbers of Scottish prisoners were also sent to Bermuda following Cromwell's invasion of Scotland.)
Paragraph Title: Bermuda
Source Page: Irish diaspora

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