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Anchor text: Socially responsible banks
Target Entity: Socially_responsible_investing
Preceding Context: Around the world today are a number of banks, companies, charities, and schools for developing co-operative forms of business using Steiner's ideas about economic associations, aiming at harmonious and socially responsible roles in the world economy. The first anthroposophic bank was the Gemeinschaftsbank für Leihen und Schenken in Bochum, Germany, founded in 1974.
Succeeding Context: founded out of anthroposophy in the English-speaking world include Triodos Bank, founded in 1980 and active in the UK, Netherlands and Spain, La Nef in France and in San Francisco.
Paragraph Title: Social finance
Source Page: Anthroposophy

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|  |  |---wordnet_act_100030358
|  |  |  |---wordnet_activity_100407535
|  |  |  |  |---wordnet_work_100575741
|  |  |  |  |  |---wordnet_service_100577525

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wordnet_artifact_100021939-1.62604164790278 0
wordnet_event_100029378-1.0978957813318528 0
wordnet_organization_108008335-0.7267201354402161 0
wordnet_person_100007846-1.2097509306101348 0
yagoGeoEntity-2.111757611270776 0
|  |---wordnet_artifact_100021939
|  |---wordnet_event_100029378
|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
|  |---wordnet_person_100007846
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