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Anchor text: Blondie
Target Entity: Blondie_\u0028band\u0029
Preceding Context: Starting in late 1978 and continuing into 1979, acts associated with punk and acts that mixed punk with other genres began to make chart appearances and receive airplay on rock stations.
Succeeding Context: , Talking Heads, The Police and The Cars would chart during this period. "My Sharona", a single from The Knack, was Billboard magazine's number one single of 1979. The success of "My Sharona" prompted record companies to rush out and sign New Wave groups. New Wave music scenes developed in Ohio and Athens, Georgia. 1980 saw brief forays into New Wave-styled music by non-New Wave artists Billy Joel and Linda Ronstadt. The release during this period of Gary Numan's album The Pleasure Principle would be the pop chart breakthrough for Synthpop acts with a cool, detached stage presence and no "definable gender characteristics".
Paragraph Title: Reception in the United States
Source Page: New Wave music

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|  |---wordnet_event_100029378
|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
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