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Anchor text: devotion to the Bible
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Preceding Context: The Olney Hymns are in part an expression of Newton and Cowper's personal religious faith and experience, and a reflection of the principal tenets of the Evangelical faith: the inherent sinfulness of man; religious conversion; atonement; activism
Succeeding Context: ;; God's providence; and the belief in an eternal life after death. However, they were primarily written for immediate and day-to-day use in Newton's ministry of Olney. Here they were sung, or chanted, in church or at Newton's other Sunday and weekday meetings as a collective expression of worship. Hymn singing, though, was not without controversy, particularly within the official church, the Church of England. By the 1760s hymns had become an established feature of religious devotion in the Evangelical church, where early (post-Reformation) hymns were versifications (producing song-like verses from the original words of the psalms) of the biblical text of the psalms, known as metrical psalms. To the Church of England hymns other than metrical psalms were of questionable legality until the 1820s, as they were not explicitly sanctioned by the Book of Common Prayer. As a consequence, many church leaders reserved hymn-singing to meetings other than the main Sunday services, and for private or household devotions.
Paragraph Title: The hymns in more detail
Source Page: Olney Hymns

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