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Anchor text: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Target Entity: Yeah_Yeah_Yeahs
Preceding Context: During the 2000s a number of acts emerged that mined from a diversity of New Wave and post-punk influences. Among these were The Strokes, Interpol,
Succeeding Context: , Franz Ferdinand, The Epoxies, She Wants Revenge, Bloc Party, Foals, Kaiser Chiefs, and The Killers. These acts were sometimes labeled "New New Wave". By 2004 these acts were described as "hot". New Wave became revived during the mid 2000s with acts such as The Sounds, The Ting Tings, The Birthday Massacre, Hot Chip, Passion Pit, The Presets, La Roux, Ladytron, Shiny Toy Guns, Hockey, Gwen Stefani, Ladyhawke and Marina and the Diamonds. While some journalists and fans regarded this as a revival, others argue that the phenomenon is a continuation of the original movements.
Paragraph Title: Post-1980s revivals and influence
Source Page: New Wave music

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