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Anchor text: LEO
Target Entity: Low_Earth_orbit
Preceding Context: Also, for a given objective such as moving from one orbit to another, the required \Delta v may depend greatly on the rate at which the engine can produce \Delta v and maneuvers may even be impossible if that rate is too low. For example, a launch to
Succeeding Context: normally requires a \Delta v of ca. 9.5 km/s (mostly for the speed to be acquired), but if the engine could produce \Delta v at a rate of only slightly more than g, it would be a slow launch requiring altogether a very large \Delta v (think of hovering without making any progress in speed or altitude, it would cost a \Delta v of 9.8 m/s each second). If the possible rate is only g or less, the maneuver can not be carried out at all with this engine.
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Source Page: Spacecraft propulsion

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