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Anchor text: EMS
Target Entity: Emergency_medical_services
Preceding Context: , commonly referred to as SUA, is a SU Health Services-based student organization that responds to over 1,500 medical emergencies each year. Providing basic life support (BLS), rapid cardiac defibrillation, emergent and non-emergent transportation, and special event standby services, SUA operates two full-time transporting ambulances, a supervisor's fly car, and a MCI trailer for mass-casualty incidents. Additionally, SUA operates four transport vans for non-emergency transports. Advanced life support (ALS) mutual aid is provided by The City of Syracuse's private
Succeeding Context: provider, Medical Services. SUA was formed in 1973 by a group of students out of a need for emergency medical services on campus. Starting with only a few members and meager equipment, the Syracuse University Medical Crisis Unit was formed. The organization has evolved greatly over time but, with 70+ volunteer students, remains a student-run organization to this day. SUA provides emergency and non-emergency services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week during the academic school year and is funded by a portion of the student health fee.
Paragraph Title: Syracuse University Ambulance
Source Page: Syracuse University

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