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Anchor text: Uriah Heep
Target Entity: Uriah_Heep_\u0028band\u0029
Preceding Context: Yerevan has an extensive nightlife scene with a variety of night clubs, live venues, street cafes, jazz cafes, tea houses, casinos, pubs, karaoke clubs and restaurants. Many cafés and restaurants stay open into the late hours as the warm summer evenings bring tourists to the relaxing cafes. The swan lake next to the Opera House, is one of the major night-life areas with hundreds of open top and indoor cafés to choose from. The city prides itself on having connections 24/7 as taxis are available at any time of the day or night. The city has played host to many world-famous musical acts including Charles Aznavour, Cher, Serj Tankian, Jivan Gasparyan, Plácido Domingo,
Succeeding Context: , Deep Purple, Joe Cocker, John McLaughlin, Brazzaville, The Alan Parsons Project, Jethro Tull, Akvarium, Goran Bregović, Zucchero, Daniel Decker, Michel Legrand, Irina Allegrova, Garou, Alla Pugacheva, Shadmehr, Ian Gillan, Hasmik Papian, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Siavash Ghomayshi, Space, Bambir, Grigory Leps, George Benson, and many more.
Paragraph Title: Music and nightlife
Source Page: Yerevan

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|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
|  |  |---wordnet_musical_organization_108246613
|  |  |  |---wordnet_dance_band_108249960
|  |  |  |  |---wordnet_rock_group_108250501

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wordnet_artifact_100021939-0.3104137690674274 0
wordnet_event_100029378-3.6062256343761643 0
wordnet_organization_108008335-0.26803509379131113 0
wordnet_person_100007846-1.2342512880058905 0
yagoGeoEntity-2.086658562686188 0
|  |---wordnet_artifact_100021939
|  |---wordnet_event_100029378
|  |---wordnet_organization_108008335
|  |---wordnet_person_100007846
|  |---yagoGeoEntity