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Anchor text: dramatic half-hour speech
Target Entity: Checkers_speech
Preceding Context: A notable event of the 1952 campaign concerned a scandal that emerged when Richard Nixon, Eisenhower's running mate, was accused by several newspapers of receiving $18,000 in undeclared "gifts" from wealthy donors. In reality, contributions were by design only from early supporters and limited to $1,000, with full accountability. However Nixon, who had been accusing the Democrats of hiding crooks, found himself on the defensive. Eisenhower and his aides considered dropping Nixon from the ticket and picking another running mate. However, Nixon saved his political career with a
Succeeding Context: on live television. In the speech Nixon denied the charges against him, gave a detailed account of his modest financial assets, and offered a glowing assessment of Eisenhower's candidacy. The highlight of the speech came when Nixon stated that a supporter had given his daughters a gift – a dog named "Checkers" – and that he would not return it, because his daughters loved it. The "Checkers" Speech led hundreds of thousands of citizens nationwide to wire the Republican National Committee urging the GOP to keep Nixon on the ticket, and Eisenhower stayed with Nixon.
Paragraph Title: Campaign events
Source Page: United States presidential election, 1952

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