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Anchor text: Watergate
Target Entity: Watergate_scandal
Preceding Context: On October 20, 1973 Solicitor General Robert Bork was instrumental in the "Saturday Night Massacre", U.S. President Richard Nixon's firing of
Succeeding Context: Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, following Cox's request for tapes of his Oval Office conversations. Nixon initially ordered U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson, to fire Cox. Richardson resigned rather than carry out the order. Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus considered the order "fundamentally wrong" and also resigned, making Bork the acting attorney general. When Nixon reiterated his order, Bork complied and fired Cox. He remained acting attorney general until the appointment of William B. Saxbe on December 17, 1973.
Paragraph Title: Acting attorneys general
Source Page: United States Attorney General

Ground Truth Types:

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wordnet_event_100029378-0.018288480441095177 0
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