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Anchor text: e-medicine
Target Entity: Telemedicine
Preceding Context: The Tunisian government considers information and communications technology (ICT) an important tool to boost the country’s economy and to adapt the education system to the opportunities available from using Information Technology (IT) as a tool. E-commerce, e-learning, and
Succeeding Context: are all areas of strong interest where the Government is seeking international partnership and investments. During the last 15 years, several important efforts were made to invest in ICT and the Internet. Physical infrastructures were modernised. In July 2004 the World Bank approved a $13 million loan to the Tunisian government to support the government effort in accelerating its ICT reforms. Though, beyond the high priority the government is giving to ICT, development of telecommunications in Tunisia has been slower than expected compared to other developing countries in Middle East and North Africa.
Paragraph Title: Information and communications technology
Source Page: Telecommunications in Tunisia

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wordnet_event_100029378-1.2699603544951574 0
wordnet_organization_108008335-1.6194602447564614 0
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