# training instances: 71
# testing instances: 5
# true positives: 1
# false positives: 0
# false negatives: 4
precision: 1.0
recall: 0.2
F1: 0.33333333333333337
True Positives - False Positives - False Negatives

True Positives:

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Apostolic Nunciature... . The Under Secretary's Lodge, now demolished, served for many years as the

False Positives:

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False Negatives:

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American Institute in TaiwanDespite public protests in front of the, leaders of the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) seemed suppo ...
United States Embassy in Oslo... he end of the Vietnam War, he participated in protest rallies targeting the. He threw stones at the building and broke several windows. He escaped ar ...
Apostolic Nunciature... l Gandolfo. The same authority is extended under international law over theof the Holy See in a foreign country
Embassy of India... ally of Pakistani origin and were from Florida. (1) (2) A spokesman for thestated that neither the Embassy nor the government of India had any associ ...