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A Perceptual Model for Disparity, Siggraph 2011

A Perceptual Model for Disparity

Piotr Didyk1     Tobias Ritschel2,3     Elmar Eisemann2,3     Karol Myszkowski1     Hans-Peter Seidel1

1 MPI Informatik     2 Telecom ParisTech / CNRS-LTCI     3 Intel Visual Computing Lab    

Disparity compression

Our perceptual model for disparity can guide compression of disparity. Assuming a disparity image as input, we first convert physical disparity into perceived disparity. In perceptual space, disparity below one JND can be safely removed without changing the perceived stereo effect. More aggressive results are achieved when using multiple JNDs.



Disparity map

1 JND removed

Disparity map

2 JND removed

Disparity map

4 JND removed

Disparity map

8 JND removed

Disparity map

Note: All provided here examples in 3D formats are prepared assuming
         that all images frames have the left view image on the right and the right view image on the left side.
         The examples are prepared to be watched in the original resolution from 60cm distance to the screen.


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