Motion Capture Database HDM05

Mocap Database HDM05

1-2: Locomotion on the spot

Scene description (performed motions):

[1] walk 5 steps on spot
[2] jog 5 steps on spot
[3] run 5 steps on spot
[4] bend knees
[5] walk 5 steps with bent knees
All C3D-files of this scene:
All AMC-files of this scene:
Filename #Frames C3D AMC Comments
HDM_bd_01-02_01_120 2900 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_01-02_02_120 2864 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_01-02_03_120 2923 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_01-02_01_120 3421 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_01-02_02_120 2834 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_01-02_03_120 3406 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_01-02_01_120 2867 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_01-02_02_120 2762 C3D AMC Artifacts in ASF/AMC data in the legs during [5]
HDM_dg_01-02_03_120 2786 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_01-02_01_120 3059 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_01-02_02_120 2712 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_01-02_03_120 3990 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_01-02_01_120 2952 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_01-02_02_120 2922 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_01-02_03_120 2972 C3D AMC

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