Motion Capture Database HDM05

Mocap Database HDM05

2-1: Table and floor

Scene description (performed motions):

[1] walk 3 steps to table and grab item A
[2] turn around left and walk halfway towards item B
[3] deposit item A on floor (knees bent)
[4] walk to item B and grab item B (knees bent)
[5] turn around left and walk back to item A
[6] deposit item B next to item A and grab item A (knees not bent)
[7] deposit item A on table
All C3D-files of this scene:
All AMC-files of this scene:
Filename #Frames C3D AMC Comments
HDM_bd_02-01_01_120 3578 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_02-01_02_120 3670 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_02-01_03_120 3457 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_02-01_01_120 3645 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_02-01_02_120 3714 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_02-01_03_120 3304 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_02-01_01_120 3034 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_02-01_02_120 3526 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_02-01_03_120 3108 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_02-01_01_120 3673 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_02-01_02_120 2449 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_02-01_03_120 3576 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_02-01_04_120 1845 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_02-01_01_120 3402 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_02-01_02_120 3321 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_02-01_03_120 3307 C3D AMC

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