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3-3: Throwing

Scene description (performed motions):

[1] sit down on floor
[2] 1 throw (pitching) and 1 throw (tossing a stone, low, sideways)
[3] stand up
[4] 1 throw (pitching), 1 throw (tossing a stone, low, sideways), and 1 shot (basketball)
[5] run and 1 throw (pitching)
All C3D-files of this scene:
All AMC-files of this scene:
Filename #Frames C3D AMC Comments
HDM_bd_03-03_01_120 3134 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_03-03_02_120 2764 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_03-03_03_120 2765 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_03-03_01_120 4412 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_03-03_02_120 5018 C3D AMC
HDM_bk_03-03_03_120 4789 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_03-03_01_120 3219 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_03-03_02_120 3312 C3D AMC
HDM_dg_03-03_03_120 3531 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-03_01_120 3900 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-03_02_120 4299 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_03-03_01_120 3721 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_03-03_02_120 3723 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_03-03_03_120 3323 C3D AMC

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