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Mocap Database HDM05

3-10: Rope skipping

Scene description (performed motions):

[1] different speeds and styles
All C3D-files of this scene:
All AMC-files of this scene:
Filename #Frames C3D AMC Comments
HDM_bd_03-10_01_120 2686 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_03-10_02_120 1056 C3D AMC
HDM_bd_03-10_03_120 939 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_01_120 5553 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_02_120 5270 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_03_120 6226 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_04_120 2476 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_05_120 2468 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_06_120 979 C3D AMC
HDM_mm_03-10_07_120 1679 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_03-10_01_120 2855 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_03-10_02_120 2479 C3D AMC
HDM_tr_03-10_03_120 1578 C3D AMC

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