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Scene description (performed motions):

Different motions and styles

All C3D-files of this scene:
All AMC-files of this scene:
Filename #Frames C3D AMC Comments
HDM_bd_06-01_01_120 3133 C3D AMC Different boxing and kicking motions
HDM_bd_06-01_02_120 2490 C3D AMC Handstand
HDM_bd_06-01_03_120 5659 C3D AMC Differnet clapping, cheering, and provoking motions
HDM_dg_06-01_01_120 9130 C3D AMC wobbling
HDM_dg_06-02_01_120 8136 C3D AMC walking and jogging in circles
HDM_dg_06-03_01_120 331 C3D AMC walking
HDM_dg_06-03_02_120 285 C3D AMC walking
HDM_dg_06-03_03_120 202 C3D AMC jogging
HDM_dg_06-03_04_120 99 C3D AMC running
HDM_dg_06-04_01_120 3987 C3D AMC provoking
HDM_dg_07-01_01_120 3436 C3D AMC inline skating in circles
HDM_dg_07-01_02_120 279 C3D AMC inline skating straight
HDM_dg_07-01_03_120 183 C3D AMC inline skating straight
HDM_dg_07-01_04_120 234 C3D AMC inline skating backwards
HDM_dg_07-01_05_120 309 C3D AMC inline skating straight
HDM_dg_07-01_06_120 251 C3D AMC inline skating jumping
HDM_dg_07-01_07_120 269 C3D AMC inline skating turning
HDM_dg_07-01_08_120 285 C3D AMC inline skating backwards
HDM_dg_08-01_01_120 2131 C3D AMC opening bottle and drinking
HDM_mm_06-04_01_120 5795 C3D AMC provoking
HDM_mm_08-01_01_120 2450 C3D AMC opening bottle and drinking
HDM_tr_06-01_01_120 10768 C3D AMC various volleyball motions
HDM_tr_06-01_02_120 16137 C3D AMC various weight lifting motions

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