Running ClausIE

1. Unzip the content of the ".zip" file into a directory

2. Run
# [options]


     Input file (if absent, ClausIE reads from stdin), the file must contain one sentence per line.
     if set, sentence identifier is read from input file (with lines of form: [id]\\t[sentence]).
     Output file (if absent, ClausIE writes to stdout).
     Configuration file.
     verbose output.
     print help.
     print sentence.
     print sentence confidence.

EXAMPLE 1 -- Shell script

# -vlf /data/sentences-test.txt -o /tmp/sentences-test-out.txt

EXAMPLE 2 -- Java .jar

# java -jar clausie.jar -vlf /data/sentences-test.txt -o /tmp/sentences-test-out.txt

EXAMPLE 3 -- Input sentences in command line

# -v
# type a sentence


# java -jar clausie.jar -v
# type a sentence

EXAMPLE 4 -- Input a sentence in src/

Define a sentence in the code as:

String sentence = "This is an example sentence";