The Mentor-lite Demo

For the demo, we use the specification of a simple e-commerce workflow that we developed for benchmarking workflow management systems. To illustrate the complete functionality of control flow handling, the workflow includes the full spectrum of control flow structures, i.e, splits, parallelism, joins, and loops. The workflow builds on the TPC-C benchmark for transaction systems, but enhances it by control and data flow between the activities "NewOrder", "Shipment", and "Payment" and includes additional activities. To demonstrate the feasibility of our light-weight approach, the workflow includes not only automatic but also interactive activities.

For administration, Mentor-lite provides a Java based Workbench for workflow design, partitioning across multiple engines, and system configuration, and a Java based runtime monitoring tool. The monitoring tool is able to display the current execution state of a running workflow, highlighting the control flow path traversed so far. Further runtime data such as the current values of control flow variables are also available.

Let's start the demo!


Here again the separate demo steps: