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Seminar Theoretical Foundations of Swarm Intelligence (SS 2011)

Tobias Friedrich and Timo K├Âtzing

Time: Wednesday (10:15-11:45)
First meeting: 13.04.2011
Room: 001 in MMCI building (E1 7)
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
Registration: Please register here for the course. You can unregister here. Within a few weeks after the semester starts, you will of course also have to subcribe to the seminar in the HISPOS system of the university.
Content: Swarm-based randomized search heuristics like ant colonies or particle swarm optimizers have been successful applied in various domains in the last few years. This seminar reviews the literature on the theoretical foundations of these algorithms.
Credits: You earn the usual 7 LPs for a seminar if you complete the following tasks. You'll be given an research article about a particular topic on randomized algorithms. You carefully read it and give a talk (40 min) on the content of the article and write a short summary (about 5 pages).
Date Speaker Topic Reference
13.04. Tobias and Timo Assignment of topics

References: A standard textbook is Dorigo and Stützle's Ant colony optimization.
Papers: (for copyright reasons only visible to users on campus)
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