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Basic Mathematical Techniques for Computer Scientists (SS 2012)

Basic Information

Lecture time Tuesday 16-18
Exercise time Wednesday 16-18
Lecture rooms Tuesdays: E1.4 Room 024;
Wednesdays: E1.4 Room 023
Lecturers Timo Kötzing, Xavier Pérez-Giménez, Chandan Saha, Thomas Sauerwald, Reto Spöhel, Jens Schmidt and Carola Winzen
Audience The course aims at providing the basic tools for master's level courses in theoretical computer science. Thus, the intended audience are students early in their master's studies who, for example, would like to (re-)learn how to write formal proofs. The course is designed as an English language revision of basic math material for students from backgrounds, where this material was not part of the curriculum.
Credits There will be no credits given for the course.
Exercises We will hand out exercises every week. These exercises will be discussed in the exercise session of the following week.
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Lesson Plan Note that there is no lecture on May 1. Instead, the exercise session on May 2 is partly a lecture.

Tue, Apr 17CarolaPropositional logic and logical quantifiers Slides
Tue, Apr 24CarolaBasic set theory Slides
Wed, May 2JensExercises Logic + Introduction Relations
Tue, May 8JensRelations (Operations, Properties, Equivalence Relations, Orderings (Posets, Hasse-Diagrams, Total Orders), Functions (Basic Properties)
Tue, May 15TimoSemi groups, monoids and groups
Tue, May 22TimoRings and Fields
Tue, May 29TimoModular Arithmetic
Tue, Jun 5ThomasProofs by induction
Tue, Jun 12Thomas
Tue, Jun 19ChandanCombinatorics
Tue, Jun 26; Room 0.01 in E1.7 (MMCI)Chandan
Tue, Jul 3XavierGraph properties
Tue, Jul 10XavierNo lecture
Tue, Jul 17RetoProbability theory
Tue, Jul 24Reto

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