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Geometric Modeling

Geometric Modeling (CS576) – Summer Semester 2008


Lecturers: Hans Peter Seidel and Michael Wand

Teaching Assistents: Nils Hasler, Jens Kerber, Carsten Stoll, and Thomas Schultz.

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Course Certificates ("Scheine"):

The course certificates ("Scheine") have now been issued and are ready for pickup at our sectaries office, Room 202, MPI-Informatik Building (E1 4).

Time and Place:


  • Tue, 16-18h, E1 4, Room 024
  • Thur 10-12, E1 4, Room 021

Exercise Course:

  • Time: Fr 10-12, Fr 16-18h
  • Discussions of theory assignments are in E1 4, Room 024
  • Group interviews on practical assignments are in E1 3 (CS building), Room 103
  • Schedule: see "formalities" slides below.


Topics of the lecture:

List of topics:

  • Mathematical background for geometric modeling
  • Modeling Techniques:
    • Splines, curves and surfaces
    • Bezier splines, B-Splines, NURBS, implicits functions
  • Geometry Processing:
    • Processing of 3D scanner data
    • Registration, reconstruction, data fitting
  • Practical Skills: Programming assignments & tutorials


Formal requirements to pass the lecture:

Passing the lecture:

  • There will be theoretical and practical exercises.
  • You need to participate in all exercises and obtain at least 50% of the total exercise scores.
  • There will be a written final exam you need to pass.
  • If you achieve more than 50% of the score in the exercises you will obtain a bonus score for the final exam.


Written Exam:

  • Final Exam: First week after the lecture
    • Wednesday July 23rd 2008
    • 14-17h
    • CS Building E1 3, Room: Lecture Hall 001
  • Reexam: Early October
    • Wednesday October 8th 2008
    • 10-13h
    • CS Building E1 3, Room: Lecture Hall 003
  • Regulations:
    • You may bring up to two A4 sheets of paper with handwritten notes (no copies).
    • You may bring a simple calculator (no networking, non-programmable).
    • You must register for the lecture in HISPOS.
    • You can take either the final or the reexam or both. Final grade is the better of the up to two outcomes.



Lecture #1: April 15th 2008

Lecture #2: April 17th 2008

Lecture #3: April 17th 2008

Lecture #4: April 29th 2008 / Lecture #5: May 06th 2008

Lecture #6: May 08th 2008 / Lecture #7: May 13th 2008

Lecture #8: May 15th 2008 / Lecture #9: May 20th 2008

Lecture #9: May 20th 2008 / Lecture #10: May 27th 2008

Lecture #10: June 03th 2008

Lecture #11/#14: June 05th / 17th 2008

Lecture #12: June 10th 2008 (Jens Kerber)

Lecture #13: June 12th 2008 (Nils Hasler)

Lecture #14: June 19th 2008

Lecture #15: June 24th 2008

  • Subdivision Surfaces (single)

Lecture #16: June 26th 2008

Lecture #17: July 3rd 2008

Lecture #18: July 8th 2008

Lecture #19: July 10th 2008

Lecture #20: July 15th 2008

Lecture #21: July 17th 2008


  • Recommended Literature (slides)


Assingment sheets:

GeoX Framework for solving the practical assignments:


Questions & Feedback:
  • If you have any questions about the lecture: mail to Michael Wand.
    • Office hours: In principle, you can drop by any time; to make sure that I am around and have time for you, drop me a short email for an appointment, if possible.
  • If you have any questions about the current assignments, please mail to the responsible teaching assistant (indicated for each assignment sheet above). We are not able to give advice on how to solve the problems, only on questions of factual understanding.


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