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Multimedia Information Retrieval

Proseminar Informatik, Summer Term 2011


Summer term 2011
Thursday, 16:00-18:30
E1.4 (MPI), Room 019
Meinard Müller

Andreas Baak
Peter Grosche
Thomas Helten
Verena Konz

Course requirements

The proseminar addresses participants who are interested in techniques for processing time-dependent multimedia data (in particular motion and music data). Requirements are a good mathematical background. For the music topics, some background in digital signal processing as well as a personal interest in music is helpful.


There are still open slots. If you are interested in this pro-seminar, please contact Thomas Helten until 17.04.2011.

Dates and Times for Presentations


In this proseminar, we study fundamental algorithms and concepts for the analysis, classification, indexing, and retrieval of time-dependent data streams considering music and audio data as well as motion capture data as examples. Important aspects concern the design of suitable features, the notion of similarity used to compare data streams, as well as data organization. One general goal of this seminar is to highlight the interplay between modeling, experimentation, and mathematical theory as well as to give some insights into active research fields. In particular, we cover the following topics:

Course material

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