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Interactive Computer Graphics using OpenGL

Interactive Computer Graphics using OpenGL (Advanced lecture, Summer Semester 2015)

Tobias Ritschel


In this advanced lecture we will cover efficient OpenGL implementaion of diverse visual effects encountered in moddern interactive applications such as computer games. The exposition will both look at the theoretical background and at the actual implementation using OpenGL and the OpenGL shading language GLSL. A preliminary list of topics would be:

  • OpenGL pipeline
  • OpenGL extensions
  • OpenGL shading language
  • Geometry: Tesselation/Feedback/Instancing
  • Shadow Mapping and Shadow Volumes
  • Soft shadows
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, Scattering and Reflections
  • Particle and Mass-spring systems, Collision, Deformation
  • Stochastic Rasterization
  • Volume Rendering
  • Depth-of-field
  • Motion blur
  • Post-FX, Tone mapping, Glow
  • Reflection and Refraction Mapping
  • Image-based Lighting
  • Cuastics and Interactive Photon mapping


  • Students in computer science and visual computing
  • Basic linear algebra and analysis
  • Programmin experience in C++ and basic OpenGL
  • Background comparable to Computer Graphics 1


Date: Monday, 12:00--14:00 (First session: Monday, 27th of April)
Room: Building E1.4 (Max-Planck-Institut), Room 019
HISPOS: 87743
ECTS credits: 3
Grading: Oral exam, 27th of July
Oral re-exam, 23th of Spetember (send me an email to register)
Google Group (not moderated):!forum/opengl-ss15


April 27Introduction and organizationRitschelPDF
April 27OpenGLRitschelPDF
May 4 OpenGL shading languageReinertPDF
May 11 Drawing massive geometryRitschelPDF
May 18 Shadow mapping, shadow volumesRitschelPDF
June 1 Soft shadowsRitschelPDF
June 8 Screen spaceNalbachPDF
June 15 Volume renderingRitschelPDF
June 22 Depth of field, motion blurRitschelPDF
June 29 Stochastic rasterizationRitschelPDF
July 6 Image-based lighting, reflection, refraction & causticsRitschelPDF
July 13 Post-FX, tone mapping, glowRitschelPDF
July 20 Particle system, mass-spring, collision, deformationonRitschelPDF

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