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Teaching Winter Semester 2002/03

Geometric Modeling

Hans-Peter Seidel and Alexander Belyaev

Winter Semester 2002/2003

(Stammvorlesung theoretische Informatik)

Recent progress in Geometric Modeling has been stimulated by numerous applications in engineering and multimedia. The purpose of the course is to give an introduction to classical and modern mathematical techniques employed in Geometric Modeling and to demonstrate how these techniques are useful for the design and manufacture of engineering objects of high quality, entertainment and multimedia applications. The course will also serve as a starting point for those students who wish to use Geometric Modeling concepts and ideas in their own research. Topics to be covered include shape interpolation and approximation with piecewise polynomial curves and surfaces, curvature-based shape interrogation, mesh processing, and multiresolution modeling.


Seminar Computer Graphics

Hans-Peter Seidel and Researchers from AG4

Winter Semester 2002/2003

This seminar will discuss topics related to current research areas in computer graphics.