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Music Processing

Advanced Seminar Informatik, Winter semester 2009/10

Winter term 2009/10, biweekly, Thu. 15-18
E1.4 (MPI), Room 24
Meinard Müller

Verena Konz
Peter Grosche


In this seminar, we discuss a number of current research problems in the fields of Music Processing and Music Information Retrieval (MIR) including:

For a description of the topics, see PDF.

Course requirements

The seminar particularly addresses participants of the course Music Processing with a good understanding of the lecture's content. Requirements are a solid mathematical background, a good understanding of fundamentals in digital signal processing, as well as a general background and personal interest in music. The seminar is accompanied by readings from textbooks or the research literature. Furthermore, the students are required to experiment with MATLAB.

Course material

Dates and Times for Presentations

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