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Music Processing

Advanced Seminar Informatik, Winter semester 2010/11

Winter term 2010/11
E1.4 (MPI), Room 019
Meinard Müller

Verena Konz
Peter Grosche


The graded evidence of achievements (benoteter Schein) can be picked up at Room 202, Campus E1-4 (Sabine Budde, Ellen Fries) from January, 12, on (in the morning is better).

Dates and Times for Presentations

The seminar is full. We have reserved the following blocks for presentations:


In this seminar, we discuss a number of current research problems in the fields of Music Processing and Music Information Retrieval (MIR) including:

Course requirements

The seminar particularly addresses participants of the course Music Processing with a good understanding of the lecture's content. Requirements are a solid mathematical background, a good understanding of fundamentals in digital signal processing, as well as a general background and personal interest in music. The seminar is accompanied by readings from textbooks or the research literature. Furthermore, the students are required to experiment with MATLAB.

Course material

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