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Scalable Uncertainty Management, Summer 2012

Lecturer: Dr. Rainer Gemulla
Teaching assistants: Kaustubh Beedkar, Luciano Del Corro



This lecture covers techniques to manage massive amounts of uncertain and inconsistent data (e.g., data obtained from potentially distributed, heterogeneous, and conflicting sources on the Web). The lecture focuses on modeling, semantics, and efficient algorithms. We will touch a number of different research areas, including databases, semantic web, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

List of topics (tentative):
  • Incomplete data
  • Inconsistent data
  • Probabilistic data
  • Query evaluation
  • Complexity of query evaluation
  • Approximate query evaluation
  • Data mining on uncertain data
  • Probabilistic graphical models
  • Distributed processing
  • Applications



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Basic knowledge of probability theory is required. Basic knowledge of database systems advantageous.

Requirements for the certificate

Lecture notes


Some exercises require that you setup (a modified version of) the Mondial database, preferrably in the PostgreSQL database system, see postgres-tutorial.txt and mondial-ti.psql. Documentation of the Mondial database can be found at (search the page for "documentation").

Suggested reading