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General Guidelines on Topics

Select one of the given topics for each part of the course. The questions below the topic are aimed to help you to get idea what to study. You do not necessarily need to answer to each of them and you can—and should—consider other questions, as well.

The essays are not about the answers; they are about justifying the answers. Simple lists of answers with no justification are not enough (even with a citation). Rather, you must explain why (you think) the answer is what you say (for example, explain in your own words how your sources justify the answer; if there is no source, explain why you think that is the answer). For some questions, justification can as simple as a one-line equation; for others, more argumentation is required.

Essay Topics

Warm-up Essay (DL 30 October)

Pattern Set Mining (DL 20 November)

Graph Mining (DL 18 December)

Significance Testing (DL 29 January)

Tensors (DL 12 February)