Regulations for Remote Program Execution

If you want to try out SCAN, it is not necessary to install it at your site. We provide an http service where you can just fill out one of three forms and send it to our server. A permanently active daemon starts a SCAN process, and immediately sends the answer back to you.

Since our CPU capacity is limited, we can of course not allow arbitrary jobs to be started at our machine. Therefore each job is limited to maximally 10 seconds CPU time (which is enough for moderately complicated examples).

If you need more computation power there are two possibilities:

The relevant email address is: Please include a description of your project and the intended application. We'd also like to hear if you have useful comments, if you have success stories or other (less successful) stories to tell. Also, if you have any nontrivial problems with our implementation don't hesitate to contact us.

Notice that all activities with our SCAN http server are recorded in a log file. Since neither Otter nor SCAN are formally verified, we cannot guarantee the correctness of its results (but we are pretty confident that there are no serious bugs).

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